Unconstrained investment strategies focused on growth and the preservation of capital.

What We Do

Goodwood is a Toronto-based independent investment management firm that has provided institutional and high-net-worth clients with alternative investment strategies since 1996.

Our investment approach is focused on the preservation of capital through extensive and rigorous investment analysis on a position and portfolio basis. The firm’s senior investment team focuses on equity special events and credit opportunities. Our disciplined and tactical investment style allows flexibility when moving between asset classes as market conditions change.

Investment Strategies & Funds

Credit Strategies

Equity Strategies

Private Clients

An alternative to traditional fixed income

Long/short public and private investments

Segregated accounts for private investors

Investment grade corporate bond mandate (SMA)

Long only public and private investments

ESG-conscious, investment grade corporate bond mandate (SMA)

Special situations, event driven investments

In The News

Achieve Long-Term Success

Goodwood approaches each targeted investment strategy with a “private equity” approach – company specific, bottom-up analysis that leverages our core strengths and seeks to maximize long-term success

Pooled Investment Solutions

Our investment process is offered across varying mandates to offer present unique risk adjusted investment opportunities for our clients.

Goodwood Fund22 year performance history

Goodwood Capital Fund19 year performance history

Goodwood Milford Fund13 year performance history

Goodwood SPValue Fund5 year performance history

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