Chris Currie Wins Award

Goodwood Milford Fund Receives Sixth Award (Best 5-Year Return) at the 10th Annual Canadian Hedge Fund of the Year Event

TORONTO, Oct. 18, 2017 /CNW/ – Goodwood Inc. (“Goodwood”) is pleased to announce that both the Goodwood Milford Fund and the Goodwood SPValue Fund received awards at Alternative IQ’s 2017 Canadian Hedge Fund of the Year Awards hosted by KPMG LLP. This is the 5th year Goodwood has been recognized for their Funds’ top quartile investment results. Goodwood received First Place awards in the following categories:

Goodwood SPValue Fund*:        First Place – Best 1-Year Equity Focused Annualized Return category

1-Year Net Return: 87.56%
Goodwood Milford Fund*:          First Place – Best 5-Year Credit Focused Annualized Return category

5-Year Annualized Net Return: 9.82%

Mr. Curt Cumming, President of Goodwood commented, “Chris Currie, CFA, Portfolio Manager of the Goodwood Milford Fund and Goodwood’s Private Client segregated accounts uses a defensive, yield-oriented approach that has generated a +13.64% net annualized return since inception (10+ years) in the Goodwood Milford Fund with very low monthly return volatility. This award serves as continued validation for the portfolio strategy and investment approach.”

Mr. Cumming added, “Peter Puccetti, CFA, Chief Investment Officer of Goodwood and Portfolio Manager of the Goodwood SPValue Fund continues to generate superior returns through investments in undervalued companies that offer potential of being positively influenced by Goodwood taking an active role in seeking to implement changes in the areas of corporate governance, capital allocation, strategic and operational issues, management and other related activities”.

About Goodwood Inc:

Goodwood is a Toronto-based independent investment management firm that has provided institutional and high-net-worth clients with alternative investment strategies for over 20 years. The firm’s senior investment team uses their unique, company-specific, value-oriented investment approach, with a strong focus on equity special events and credit opportunities. Our approach is focused on the preservation of capital through extensive and rigorous investment analysis on a position and portfolio basis.

* Performance and analytics are calculated for the founding Class and lead series of units for each respective Fund – Goodwood Milford Fund LP Class S Units and Goodwood SPValue Fund LP Class A units.  The returns and are net of all management fees, expenses and incentive performance fees. Performance is not guarenteed, past performance is not indicative of future performance and may not be repeated

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For further information: Curt Cumming, President, Goodwood Inc., Direct: (416) 203-2522,,

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