Private Client Portfolio Management

Goodwood manages segregated accounts for institutional investors including, pensions, foundations endowments and personalized segregated accounts for private individual investors. We start our process with an in-depth discussion about your goals, investment objectives, risk tolerance, tax situation and liquidity needs. We customize solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

Advantages of a Segregated Account:

Institutional Fund Managers:

Goodwood has corporate credit experience that is not easily replicated or offered elsewhere in the Canadian market.  Our ability to access the institutional capital markets is utilized to provide personalized portfolios to private individual investors.


Goodwood is independent and unbiased; we are not limited to ‘banking products’, we are committed to aligned interest with our investors by investing our own capital alongside that of our clients.

Proven Results:

Goodwood has provided institutional and high-net-worth clients with investment strategies since 1996. The firm’s senior investment team leverages their unique, company specific approach to credit opportunities. Our approach is focused on the preservation of capital through extensive and rigorous investment analysis on a position and portfolio basis.

Clear, concise reporting:

Goodwood communicates often with our clients through quarterly and annual reports and other formats as we understand the vast majority of our clients are not investment experts. We subscribe to the notion that an informed investor is a good investor.


Goodwood has partnered with high quality service providers to ensure an institutional level of compliance.  National Bank (NBIN Inc.) is our preferred custodian, responsible for records and safekeeping of clients’ assets and provides quarterly statements, annual T5 and T3 statements and annual trading and investment income summaries.  Goodwood is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund, Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada and Investment Industry Association of Canada.

Executive Investment Summary

Our investment objective is to maximize total return in any interest-rate and credit spread environments by investing in a diverse portfolio of corporate debt and high dividend equities of good businesses that generate interest and dividend income. Our approach is focused on the preservation of capital through extensive and rigorous investment analysis on a position and portfolio basis.


Purchase securities at all levels of the capital structure which we perceive to be under-valued

Company Specific

Emphasis on bottom-up company and industry analysis rather than macro-economic forecast/estimates


Proprietary research that leverages our accumulated years of knowledge and our extensive network of industry expertise and is not biased by any banking/credit relationships


In  the current environment of volatile markets we favour a low volatility strategy of emphasizing shorter term corporate bonds with attractive coupons

Focused Portfolio

Invest in a limited number of core names to enhance value.  You can expect the portfolio to be more concentrated than a generic index strategy while still providing diversification benefits, a necessary ingredient to risk avoidance

Long-Term Strategy

Successful long term investment thinking avoids putting undue and potentially costly emphasis on short term results and in our opinion, allows for more tax-efficient growth of capital over the long haul

For more information on our Segregated Managed Accounts, contact:

Curt Cumming

Direct: (416) 203-2522