Listed Vehicles Overview

Goodwood affiliates and Goodwood senior investment team members have been asked on multiple occasions by boards of listed companies to step into a management role with a plan to (a) liquidate current/orphaned assets and (b) use the proceeds to invest in a new private business that will drive long-term public shareholder value. Goodwood Funds are often a major shareholder of the listed company and investors therefore, can benefit directly from the reinvestment of cash into attractive long-term value building companies.

The Goodwood team leverages its extensive network of relationships to source unique, private investment opportunities for the publicly listed companies.  We take a lengthy amount of time considering many alternatives before we decide to pursue a particular transaction.  Goodwood executes substantial private market due diligence surrounding any transaction on behalf of the listed company to ensure that the value proposition and structure of the investment are attractive and will yield appropriate long-term returns to investors. Post transaction, Goodwood affiliate typically continues to remain involved with the listed company to ensure long-term execution of the business plan.