Goodwood affiliates and senior investment team members have been involved in three highly successful public company repositioning transactions over the past few years. The Goodwood Fund and Goodwood Capital Fund have benefited alongside other public shareholders in these transactions.


  • Certain Goodwood Funds acquired significant position in common shares of Westaim in late 2008
  • Westaim reconstituted board with two Goodwood representatives in early 2009, a Goodwood representative became CEO and Goodwood Management Services Inc. “GMSI” began providing management services to Westaim in its pursuit of strategic investment opportuntities
  • Late 2009, Westaim completed disposition of historical assets to grow net cash to ~$50mm
  • In 2009 & 2010, GMSI reviewed over 50 different investments for Westaim’s Board to consider
  • In 2010, Westaim transformed with purchase of 100% of JEVCO Insurance Company for $261.4mm
  • In 2012, Westaim agreed to sell JEVCO to Intact Financial for $530mm cash


  • Certain Goodwood funds acquired a significant position in common shares of Longford Energy in 2012 after the sale of assets for ~$26 million of cash
  • Goodwood launched a successful proxy contest in 2012
  • Longford reconstituted board with Goodwood representatives and entered MSA with Goodwood Management Services Ltd (GMSL). to invest cash into a new private business
  • Longford’s board informed investors that if an attractive investment was not sourced by their 2013 annual shareholders meeting, then the cash on hand would be returned to investors
  • GMSL reviewed over 40 investments for Longford Energy’s Board to consider.
  • In 2013, Longford entered into an agreement to merge with Urthecast (emerging technology/satellite imaging company) and currently trading on TSX: UR

Dacha Logo

  • Certain Goodwood Funds acquired 6.4% of the outstanding common shares of Dacha Strategic Metals in the summer of 2012
  • Goodwood launched a successful proxy contest late 2012 to reconstitute the Board and replace management with Goodwood nominees
  • The focus of the new board was to maximize long-term shareholder value for the benefit of Dacha’s shareholders
  • In July, 2014 Dacha announced that it had entered into a definitive acquisition agreement with Merus Labs International Inc. (specialty pharmaceutical company) whereby Merus would acquire from Dacha, in exchange for Merus Shares, a new subsidiary incorporated by Dacha and funded with substantially all of Dacha’s cash
  • The transaction was overwhelmingly supported and approved by Dacha Shareholders.  The transaction was completed in August, 2014
  • Shares of Merus are currently trading on TSX:MSL