Conflict of Interest Policy

Principals of Goodwood Inc. may, from time to time, accept officer positions and/or directorships from companies unrelated to Goodwood Inc. In this circumstance, that company would be considered under relevant securities law to be a “connected issuer” to Goodwood Inc. Currently, The Westaim Corporation is considered a “connected issuer” in respect of Goodwood Inc. Furthermore, Goodwood Inc., or an affiliate of Goodwood Inc., may provide services to and receive compensation from issuers in which the Funds are invested.  Goodwood Management Services Ltd., an affiliate of Goodwood Inc., entered into a Consulting Agreement dated June 21, 2013 with UrtheCast Corp. (formerly Longford Energy Inc.).   Goodwood Inc. has adopted appropriate policies and procedures to address conflicts of interest with respect to connected issuers.    Click here for full policy concerning Conflicts of Interest.

Statement of Conflicts (Goodwood_Inc) 2015