Goodwood approaches each targeted investment strategy with a “private equity” approach – company specific, bottom-up analysis that leverages our core strengths and maximizes long-term success


Purchase securities at all levels of the capital structure that are not well known or understood

Company Specific

Bottom-up approach versus macro-economic investment decisions


Proprietary research that leverages our internal or network expertise


Focus on companies trading well below our estimate of fair or intrinsic market value


Focus on investments with catalysts to unlock latent or embedded value


Work with management or the board to implement strategies that maximize shareholder returns

Concentrated Positions

Focus on a limited number of core names versus 100+ indexed strategy

Long Versus Short

Preference for finding attractive long positions, but will selectively short overvalued securities

Long-Term Strategy

Holding period is greater than typical (many current positions held for 3+ years)


The partners of Goodwood are the largest Fund investors